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Who's Where?

Raphaël Freynet, 2023 

Executive Director at Regroupement artistique francophone de l'Alberta 


Shivhan Szabo, 2023 

Growth & Development Manager, Laurie Fleming Jewellery Inc.


Wayne Deering, 2023 

Project Manager, RP Dynamics Inc.


Jordan De Biasi, 2023 

Media Consultant, Canada Council for the Arts 


Songyi Jin, 2023 

Marketer, Manager, & Entrepreneur, Strategic Partnerships Manager @ MDC 


Majd Khnouf, 2023 

Project Manager, Tidal Commerce


Hillary Kaplan, 2023 

Digital Strategist 


Mounima Chadrabhatla, 2022

Product Manager, iHeart Radio


Jai Chawla, 2022

Account Manager, Mosaic North America


Ned (Edward) Currie, 2022

Business Affairs and Special Projects Associate, Films We Like


Conor Fitzgerald, 2022

Policy Analyst - Copyright, Patrimoine Canadien - - Canadian Heritage


Deanna Galati, 2022

Consultant, Deloitte


Venika Gogna, 2022

Marketing Associate, GALE


Hemanth Kasichayanula, 2022

Marketing Coordinator, Continue


Yuqi Li, 2022

Associate - Media Finance, BMO


Willis Tat, 2022

Production Manager, Dark Slope


Christopher Webb, 2022

Labour Relations and Negotiation, FNCC-CSN : Fédération nationale des communications et de la culture


Kaylin Dyal, 2021

Associate, Strategic Change Leadership, York Change Leadership (YCL), Associate Vice-President Faculty Affairs, York University


Matthew Gartner, 2021

Senior Manager, Equity Capital Markets and Corporate Solutions, Morningstar Sustainalytics


Rebecca Halliquist, 2021

Event Specialist, IBM 


Natalie MacLean, 2021

Senior Consultant, Lord Cultural Resources


Sean Militello, 2021

Director - Technology Divison, Ginkgo Susainability Inc


Akash Sidhu, 2021

President, Generation No Limit


Jennifer Emma Siegel, 2021

Senior Social Media Strategist, Gupta Media


Lee Williams Boudakian. 2021

Manager, Economic Development, City of Markham


Caitlin Cross, 2020

Consultant, Nordicity


Gaurav Dharmani, 2020

Digital Marketing Specialist, Villa Charities Inc.


Kush Ganatra, 2020

Program Manager, TSN Canada


Mimi Mok, 2020

Former VP, TAPA


Hong Yoong, 2020

Senior Analyst, Nordicity


Meghan Archibald, 2019

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Payments & Accounting, Clio - Cloud-Based Legal Technology

Anastasiya Baranova, 2019

Business Manager, Lippert Music Centre Inc.


Michael Feehan, 2019

Development and Production Executive, Dept. 9 Studios


Michael Katz, 2019

Senior Director - Business Strategy, Operations, & Sales, Channel 1 Media Solutions

Dhruv Chaudhary, 2018

Senior Cloud Engineer, GFL Environmental Inc.


Anne-Claude Gendron, 2018

Operations, Marketing and HR Director, L.C. Gendron International Inc.


Jessica Hardy- Henry, 2018

Education Lawyer, Office of the General Counsel and Board Secretariat, Toronto Metropolitan University

Alec Harmer, 2018

Creative Industries Manager, Mohawk College

Yujin Cha, 2017

Cultural/Nonprofit Management & Public Administration, Western University


Stefano D'Angeli, 2017

Business Development & Innovation, Copenhagen Business School


Anoushka Gupta, 2017

Applied Anthropologist, Thomson Reuters


Louise Langer, 2017

Regional Manager Benelux, Clone


Anna Piela, 2017

Freelance Consultant, Piela Consulting


Marielisa Fraschetti, 2016

WRTW Buyer & Retail Merchandiser, Giorgio Armani


Lorenzo Monti, 2016

Assistant Production Coordinator, SPE


Lindsay Morris, 2016

Senior Policy Analyst, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


Stefan Piruzevski, 2016

Director, Data Transformation, Numeris


Jacqueline Tsekouras, 2016

Head of Tech & Connectivity, Creative Shop, Meta


Miles Collyer, 2015

Associate Director, Corporate Relations, Schulich School of Business


Boris Fuccic, 2015

Director of Project Delivery and Business Transformation, ThinkOn Inc.


Zachary Goldglas, 2015

Principle Associate - Product Management, Capital One


Kathryn Leader, 2015

Product Manager, Masco Canada


Christian Lillo, 2015

Account Executive & Team Lead, Deel


Noora Rizvi, 2015

Program Manager, Arts Across Canada and Arts Abroad, Canada Council for the Arts


Sam Hoffman, 2014

Manager, Content Strategy, Bell Media


Eirini Moschaki, 2014

Development Officer, Grants & Foundations, Aga Khan Museum


Chris Younkman, 2014

Salesforce Product Owner, US Fintech Company


Alicia Clendenan, 2013

Senior Vice President, National Director, Sustainable & Alternative Construction, Aon


Lindsay Fanning, 2013

Director of Product Management, Axonfy


Pietro Guglielmi, 2013

Operations Manager, PERCASSI


Carlie Weppler, 2013

Director, Commercial Management, Metrolinx


Negin Zebarjad, 2013

Vice President, Operations, LOFT Community Services


Anisia Avram, 2012

Advisor - FEMM Committee, European Parliament


Azarakhsh Damood, 2012

Head of Design, Enterprise Agility, Atlassian


Kadija de Paula, 2011

Evaluation Manager, Toronto Arts Council


Marine Dupin, 2011

Product Manager, Radio France


Alison Hoy, 2011

Special Projects Officer, Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation, University of Toronto

Diana Khong, 2011

Strategist, Scotiabank


Brice Longnos, 2011

FP&A Manager, EMEA Networks & DTC, NBCUniversal


Vincent Poulain, 2011

Leading Product Operations, Shopify


Richard Yum, 2011

Sr. Director of Marketing, IMAX


Melissa Zuniga, 2011

Senior Director, BGIS


Virginia Jones, 2010

President, The Armour Group Limited


Devi Persaud, 2010

Vice President People and Culture, RouteThis


Fahad Ahmad, 2009

Assistant Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University


Raphaël Alarcon, 2008

Product Marketing Lead, Welcome to the Jungle France


Michael Murray ,2007

CEO, Ontario Arts Council


Dave Cohen, 2005

Manager, Growth Economics and Finance, York Region (The Regional Municipality of York)


Justina Gardiner, 2005

General Manager, Corporate Services, Perks


Ella Wong, 2005

Head of Global Communications, NXP Semiconductors


Laurie Biderman, 2004

Senior Strategic Advisor, Arts Granting Programs Division, Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des Arts du Canada


Prasanthi Vasanthakumar, 2004

Award-Winning Writer & Editor, Toptal


Tom Alexander, 2001

VP, Theatrical Releasing, Mongrel Media


David Dychuck, 2001

Senior Accountant, Lithia & Driveway


Ryan Kruger, 2000

The Rocket Group & Destiny Event Productions, RKET Group


Rebecca Langstaff, 2000

Policy Leader, Ontario Ministry of Finance


Rob Bolton, 1999

Leader in Digital Strategy, Marketing



Mathieu Ravier, 1999

Executive Leadership, Australian Film Television and Radio School


Tracey Ferriss, 1998

Director of Executive Communications, Azure + Industry, Microsoft


Melusine Klein, 1998

Director, Ontario Ministry of Francophone Affairs


Moonlake Lee, 1998

ADHDer, Founder & Executive Director, Unlocking ADHD Ltd


Valerie Piotte, 1997

Managing Director, Altavia Openlab


Tracey Pearce, 1996

President, Scene+


Jane Apor, 1995

Creative Business Leader

Partner, Hopscotch Partners Canada


Peter Schneider, 1990

Production Attorney, English Services, CBC/Radio-Canada


Tricia Baldwin, 1986

Executive Director, Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre


Christina Becker, 1986

Vice-President, Consulting and Online Training, Founder Canadian Nonprofit Academy, Becker Associates

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