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35th Annual MBA Games

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

By Austin Leggett, Arts & Media Management Club (AMMC) Associate

This past January, Schulich played host to the 35th annual MBA Games. Established in 1988, it is the largest MBA competition in Canada where graduate schools from across the nation compete on merits of spirit, athletics, and academics. These included challenges of charity fundraising, spirit dances, futsol, volleyball, and business case competitions. This year, the challenges all tied together under the theme “Reimagine: It Starts with Us.” In line with the theme, several companies sponsored the competition including Future Possibilities for Kids, Simplii Financial, RBC, The Slaight Family Foundation, Bruce Power, Hyundai, Solactive, and more!

Under the leadership of Team Captain Meenakshi Kukreja (MBA ’23), and against fierce competition from 13 other schools, Team Schulich finished 3rd overall in the three-day long competition with an especially strong showing in the academic component. Both case teams that participated on behalf of Schulich dominated the competition with a 1st place finish for their respective categories, delineated by the assigned business cases. The first case provided by Simplii Financial asked students to reimagine a strategy for market penetration among international students, while the second case provided by Bruce Power and Hyundai asked students to address long-term solutions of developing infrastructure for electric vehicle charging in tandem with nuclear power utilization. The team thanks Team Coach Joe Fayt for all of his guidance and positive support throughout the competition process.

The team had a strong showing in the spirit components with a 2nd place finish in the fundraising component, and an enthusiastic dance performance during the school spirit showcase.

This 3rd place overall finish continues a tradition of high performance and sportsmanship among the Schulich cohort. To date, Schulich has finished in the Top 3 teams in 20 of the past 21 competitions.

Case Team Members:

  • Sarab Gambhir

  • Santoshi Sneha

  • Amy Rudnicki

  • Ayush Tripathi

  • Mara George

  • Amir Joharifard

  • Ananya Kakkar

  • Austin Leggett (AMME Associate)

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