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AM&E Alumn Shines a Light on ADHD in Singapore

Congratulations to Moonlake Lee, MBA/JD 1998, who was selected as one of Singapore’s 2022 40 over 40 Inspiring Women. In her work to build awareness of ADHD, Moonlake launched “Unlocking ADHD,” (, an initiative to Empower ADHDers and their Families to Live Life to the Fullest. It is an ADHD-driven ground up initiative and is the most comprehensive website about ADHD in Singapore.

Moonlake believes in a strengths-based approach to managing ADHD and that, with the right mix of guidance and support, anything is possible for an individual with ADHD!

In a recent Vogue SG article, she described what ADHD is like for her. “I was diagnosed with ADHD at 50. My daughter was diagnosed a year earlier as a teen. When I realized there was a genetic link for ADHD, I wondered whether I had ADHD. It explained a lot of things in my past: the need to pack my schedule to the brim, inability to sit still, struggles with poor working memory and constant distraction by things around me. I had prided myself on my multi-tasking ability and to-do lists, but these were actually adaptations I had picked up over the years.”

Moonlake began to recognize characteristics in herself that seemed to align with some of the things she discovered while doing research after her daughter’s diagnosis, She debated seeking professional help. “Due to a period of being overwhelmed, when I had too many critical life and work events happening at the same time, I decided to see if a diagnosis and medication would help.”

Post-diagnosis, Moonlake says, “The biggest benefit about finding out I had ADHD was my improved relationship with my husband. There was finally context, understanding and compassion for the issues that had been a source of conflict over the years — time blindness, forgetfulness and jumping topics during conversations. Previously, all these had been perceived as character flaws. I am happy that he is fully supportive of what I am trying to do for the ADHD community in Singapore through Unlocking ADHD.”

With excerpts from Vogue Singapore article “My mind feels like it has 150 tabs open: 6 people share what it’s like to live with ADHD” by Eni Subair and Alli Sim, 10 June 2021.

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