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AM&E Alumni Shine @ 2023 Canadian Screen Awards

Updated: May 10, 2023

Excerpt from Yfile

Throughout the week, the Canadian Screen Awards recognized a range of categories, including sports programming, news, documentaries, children’s programming, animation, reality, lifestyle and more. The week culminated in a final ceremony, honouring work in the comedic and dramatic arts.

Going into Canadian Screen Week, more than 45 York alumni (Including 3 AM&E Alumni) were nominated across more than 30 different categories. Among the nominees, several York alumni earned multiple awards, including

Victoria Lean (MBA/MFA 2013)

Victoria Lean, who won the Barbara Sears Awards for Best Editorial Research, Best Direction Factual and Best Factual Series for the documentary series We’re All Going to Die (Even Jay Baruchel) which explores the global crises that threaten the Earth’s sustainability, and the solutions that can right the future. Jonas Prupas, who won the Best TV Movie Award for Swindler Seduction and Laura Michalchyshyn, who won the Best Biography of Arts Documentary Program or Series Award for Comedy Punks: Kids in the Hall.

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