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Updated: May 4, 2023

By Jordan De Biasi, Arts & Media Management Club (AMMC) President & Majd Khnouf Arts & Media Management Club (AMMC) Vice-President

The Arts, & Media Management Club (AMMC) is a graduate student organization that aims to foster the creative community at the Schulich School of Business. We are a small but mighty collective, focusing on social activities and immersing ourselves in Ontario’s arts sector. The AMMC completed 2 social gatherings, 2 Alumni engagement events, 2 community showcases, and 1 ticket giveaway.

Fall 2022

Nuit Blanche

AMMC hosted guided Nuit Blanche tours at both the Downtown Core, and York University campus. Nuit Blanche has been connecting and fostering the Toronto art community since 2006 and has featured over 1,600 art installations by 5,800 artists. [1]

AMMC Goes to The Movies

To celebrate Halloween, the AMMC travelled to Toronto’s Revue Cinema, established in 1912[2], to watch Ivan Reitman’s 1984 classic “Ghost Busters.” Members were encouraged to dress in costumes and experience one of Toronto’s most historic theatres.

Alumni Community Engagement

The AMMC hosted a hybrid event that started online with a panel discussion with esteemed AM&E Schulich graduates including, Patrick Twaddle – consultant, coach, artist manager, and educator, Debra Lary - Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Rob Bolton - Former Director, Business and Audience Development at Warner Music Canada, and Laurie Biderman - Canada Council for the Arts. The night finished with an in-person social gathering to connect and network with Alumni.

The REX Jazz Club

To boost sales for a local Jazz Club, the AMMC purchased a limited number of tickets and raffled them off to those that completed a small survey. The Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar is an iconic staple for jazz enthusiasts since its beginning in the 1980s. Performing 14 live shows every week and featuring world-famous musicians such as Kurt Elling, Randy Brecker, and Wynton Marsalis & the Lincoln Center Orchestra to name a few. [3]

Winter 2023

CFC Showcases

The Canadian Film Center was founded in 1988 by acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Norman Jewison with the mission to support the next generation of emerging filmmakers. Members of the AMMC were invited to a two-day showcase celebrating Graduates of CFC’s acting, filmmaking, and music programs.

Alumni Community Engagement - Social Media Webinar

Alumni Jacqueline Tsekouras, former Creative strategist at SNAP INC, and Former Head of Tech & Connectivity Creative Shop at META, discussed the digital media and entertainment environment with the AMMC. The event did not shy away from tough questions and discussions surrounding the mass layoffs within the tech sector and offered valuable advice to all of those interested within this field.

Ultimately, it was a successful year for the club, and we look forward to the next generation of AMMC Executives bringing more artists, creatives, and enthusiasts together for years to come!

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