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Updated: May 6

June 2018 to May 2023 

By Douglas Barrett publishes breaking news, in-depth feature stories, analysis, and opinion geared specifically for those working in the cable, radio, television, and telecom industries in Canada.  While is a paid subscriber publication it has generously agreed to make these articles freely available. 

This is a list of the analysis and commentary pieces I have written for in connection with the passage of the Online Streaming Act from the key policy development phases, through the Parliamentary and Committee legislative process to enactment and implementation. 

They are arranged in reverse chronological order. 

The earliest pieces (2018) consider key policy issues I felt needed addressing at the outset of the process.  

Then there are several pieces on aspects of the process itself (2020), along with the identification of issues relevant to Canadian creators (2021). 

The final group (2022) are pieces on challenging regulatory implementation issues. Articles by Doug Barrett 

As of August 11, 2023 



Financing a Canadian Production Takes a Village and Fuzzy Regulation - May 28, 2023 


A Modest Proposal for Bill C-11 Implementation - May 8, 2023 


In Modernizing the Cancon Points Test be careful what you wish for – January 30, 2023 


It’s not clear what a Canadian producer is but it needs to be – October 3, 2022 


In the Fog of last minute drafting an unanticipated sea change - July 6, 2022 


The Importance of Canadian IP in defining Canadian Content – May 4, 2022 


Observations on the Definition of a Canadian Program – April 8, 2022 


How Foreign Streamers might come to pick and own our Cancon -  May 26, 2021 


Election Outcome could lead to long wait for new Broadcasting Legislation - September 15, 2021  


Something Big is Missing with Bill C-10 - March 29, 2021 


Will Cuts at Bell Media Affect Canadian Programming?  You bet – January 20, 2021 



Broadcasting Act amendments have no reference to Canadian Ownership - November 25, 2020 


Regulation in the Time of Covid – October 7, 2020 


Is Stephen Guilbeault the guy we have all been waiting for? – June 17, 2020 


Why we are still seven years away from new Acts – September 20, 2018 


Five Questions Need Answers Before We set a new Policy Agenda for a Digital Canada – June 27, 2018 


Five Questions: #5 What must a reformed system deliver to Canadians? - June 19, 2018 


Five Questions: #4 What should the role of the CRTC be? - June 14, 2018 


Five Questions: #3 What do we do About the Digital Media Exemption Order? - June 12, 2018 


Five Questions: #2 What are the “Elements” of the System - June 7, 2018 


Five Questions: Question #1 Do we still have a System? - June 5, 2018 


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