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MBA Games

Updated: 5 days ago

The 2024 MBA Games took place in early January in Niagara Falls, Ontario, hosted by Brock University. The event featured 16 teams consisting of graduate business students from across Canada. MBA Games has a theme each year and this year, the challenges were all tied together under the theme - “Transcend: Above and Beyond.” The competition was divided into three equally weighted categories: Academics, Athletics, and Spirit, with awards for the top three teams in each category. Under the humble guidance of Coach Joe Fayt and with the leadership of team captain Meenal Budhiraja, the Schulich School of Business achieved first place in the Academics category.  

This year's academic challenges i.e. case competitions were sponsored by Simplii Financial and Accenture. Simplii Financial asked students to craft a strategic plan to expand one of their credit card products. Meanwhile, Accenture's challenge involved devising a strategy to incorporate General AI into the operations of a grocery client.   

The Schulich teams dedicated themselves tirelessly to the projects, working through exams and holidays to deliver polished and compelling presentations. Even after the teams made it to top 3, they had interesting curve balls to work on with barely any time in hand. Despite these challenges, the teams stood victorious in both the case competitions.  

Case Team Members: Kunj Shah Niketa Saini Mikayla Wronko Bilal Khan Suraj Pillai Omer Rahim Bipasha Tyagi Tejasvi Raj Sagar

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