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Work In Culture x AMMC: Career Development Session

By John Drinkwater, MA/MBA '24

In March, Arts & Media Management Club partnered with the wonderful team at Work In Culture to deliver a professional development mentoring and networking session to our members.  


Work In Culture is an arts service organization that is dedicated to advancing the careers of cultural workers in the Canadian arts and creative sectors. They do this by hosting one of the most popular arts & culture job boards in Canada, publishing research on sectoral trends, publicizing career development opportunities, and partnering with organizations such as AMMC to deliver skills training to emerging professionals. 


Our event took the format of a “table mentoring session” moderated by Diane Davy, Executive Director of Work In Culture. In this event, small groups of 3-4 students had the opportunity to rotate around the room between four industry guests, asking them to share career advice and insights from their professional experience. This format was the perfect size and setting for students to get a breadth of perspectives, but also intimate enough to make real connections. 


Work In Culture’s Program Manager, Stephanie Draker, put together an incredible lineup of panelists from the film, TV, music, and live performance sector. We were joined by: 


  • Margaret MacGuffin (MBA, 1991) – CEO, Music Publishers Canada and board member at MusiCounts and Canada’s Theatre Museum 

  • Mike Rudolph, CHRP, ACC – Director of Human Resources and Operations at Shaftesbury, career coach, Chair of the Board at Work In Culture, and board member at Inside Out Film Festival 

  • Bridget MacIntosh – Arts, Events, Tourism and Cultural Strategist & Creative Producer at Bridget MacIntosh & Associates 

  • Simeon Taole – Writer, Director, and Founder of CINEMATOSCAPE, a Toronto-based film and digital media company 


It was great having such an accomplished slate of guests from varied backgrounds to talk to and learn from. We are so grateful for their participation, none of which would have been possible without the hard work of Diane, Stephanie, and the entire Work In Culture team. Thank you!  

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